Enrol: 1300 GRAMMAR
All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600

Australian Rules





Teacher in Charge: 
Mrs Sally Etherden
Phone: 4936 0646
Email: setherden@rgs.qld.edu.au

Captains - Max Thornton and Taylor O'Toole

Playing jerseys are provided by the school.  Ensure that the playing jerseys are returned to the school at the end of the season.  Players need to wear their PE uniforms to and from the game venue.
Students are responsible for supplying their own PE shorts, Football boots, RGS Football Socks (black with red stripe) and mouthguard. A mouthguard is preferred but not enforced.

There is no cost associated with this sport.

Further details regarding the competitions are available from the Teacher in Charge (TIC). Due to administrative requirements, such as team registration and transport arrangements, it is important that students return permission forms on or before the due date. No form equals no playing.  If a permission letter has been misplaced then another copy is available from Mrs Giles.