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Board Election 2017

and Closure of Subscriber Roll
21 June 2017

A Board election will be held in 2017.  The following information provides an explanation of some of the procedures for this election.

As you may already be aware, the School is constituted under the Queensland Grammar Schools Act 2016, (the Act). Overall responsibility for the management and control of the School is vested in the Board of Trustees appointed under the Act.

The Board currently consists of six (6) members appointed by the Governor in Council for four (4) year terms of whom:

(a) Three (3) are members nominated by the Minister for Education.
(b)  Three (3) are persons who have donated or subscribed to the School and been elected as prescribed by the Act.

The Board members currently are:

  • Mr. B. V. R. Beasley (Chairman),  Subscriber Member
  • Mr. M. J. Birkbeck (Deputy Chairman), Subscriber Member
  • Emeritus Professor D. J. Clayton, Nominee of the Minister
  • Dr. J. South,  Nominee of the Minister
  • Mrs. K. M. Wilson,  Nominee of the Minister
  • Mrs. J. M. Volck,  Subscriber Member

The Act prescribes rules for the election of the three (3) Subscriber Board members each four years with the Board Secretary being the Returning Officer for the election. Only persons listed on the Register of Donors and Subscribers are eligible to nominate for election as a Board member and vote in the election. To be entered on the register and eligible to vote in a Subscriber Board Member election, a person needs to have donated or subscribed $50.00 or more to the School.

Amendments to the Act in 2004 changed the voting eligibility so that donations received after 1 January 2005 will only entitle the donor to vote in the electoral cycle immediately following that donation.  If you were a donor to the School prior to that date then you are entitled to vote in all elections. The current electoral cycle is from 15 June 2013 to 21 June 2017.

The present Board’s term of appointment expires on 19 March 2018 and dates for the election of three (3) Subscriber Trustees to the Board have been set as follows:

Wednesday 21 June 2017:  Closure of Subscriber Roll.

Wednesday 28 June 2017:  Notices sent to Subscribers calling for nomination of candidates for election to the Board.

Friday 21 July 2017 (Noon):  Nominations of candidates close.

Friday 18 August 2017:  If a ballot is required, ballot papers sent to Subscribers.

Friday 8 September 2017 (Noon): Poll closes.

Register as a subscriber

To register as a subscriber, please complete the Registration as a Donor or Subscriber form and return it with your payment of at least $50.00 to the School.  Donations can also be made with cash or through the EFTPOS facilities at the School Office. As donations are deposited to the Education Fund or Building Fund, amounts of $2.00 or more will be tax deductible.

The donated monies will be used by the Board to help fund The 1881 Endowment programme, or the School building development programme (as indicated by the donor).

I am available to provide you with more details about the Board of Trustees and the election of the Subscriber Trustees.

Karryn Johnson
Secretary to the Board of Trustees