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Statement of Fees - Kindergarten

Kindergarten Unit – The Beasley Centre will operate on a School schedule. That means it will be open during School Terms and School times (from 8.20am to 3:10pm). Term dates are:

Term 1 – Thursday 28 Jan – Thursday 1 April
Term 2 – Tuesday 20 April  – Friday 25 June
Term 3 – Tuesday 13 July  –  Friday 10 September
Term 4 – Tuesday 5 October  – Thursday 25 November

We understand the challenges in identifying a Kindergarten that suits both your needs and that of your child.  The details shared here will help you make a more informed choice and we welcome your questions about the Unit and more broadly, about The Rockhampton Grammar School.

Many Kindergartens throughout Australia advertise that they are Rated and Assessed by the Government to deliver quality Kindergarten and we uphold and endorse the National Quality Standard and Regulations.

The RGS ethos, however, Macte Virtute Et LitterisGrow in Character and Scholarship, means your Kindergarten Unit experience goes beyond just ‘standards’. The learning experience is richer and deeper because it is connected to Central Queensland’ leading school and one of the Top Country Schools in Australia. Qualified, expert educators, a safe and hygienic environment and access to all of RGS resources are just a few of the benefits of the Kindergarten Unit. 

RGS provides your child with the security, warmth and love -- which is basic to his or her development and growth – at all year levels, from Kindy through to Year 12.

At the Kindy, we monitor our children’s progress constantly and adapt their daily programs to suit their changing needs. RGS is non-denominational and we respect the cultural and religious practices of all of our children. Similar to the School’s extensive co-curricular programme, the Kindergarten Unit encourages extra activities that develop each child’s skills and talents.

Most of all however, RGS Kindergarten provides a sound foundation for Prep and your child’s overall education, providing days that are fun, stimulating and rewarding.

RGS Kindergarten is rewarding for you, too. You are, and should be, the most important influence in your child’s life. Your involvement at RGS is welcomed and encouraged throughout your child’s learning day. Also, as a Kindy Parent you will receive daily information on your child’s experience and education progress. And RGS Teachers and Educators will talk with you about your concerns at any time.

Please feel free to call in to the RGS Early Learning Centre in person on Reservoir Street or call 4936 0880 for more information.