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NAPLAN Results


Prelimary 2017 NAPLAN results are available. RGS’s results compared to Queensland and State averages are listed below.
“I am very proud of our collective results,” said Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds.
The School’s overall outcomes are the best locally.
“Whilst that is an excellent achievement, it is important that we reflect on other factors that define our identity as one of Australia’s best country schools: our teachers; our campuses including Ritamada; our resources and most importantly our students and parents,” said Dr Moulds.
“Combined, these talented people and outstanding assets enable us to provide students with opportunities to succeed. More importantly, however, they provide a rich source for our students’ memories and as they mature and define themselves and start to realise their influence upon the world.” 


The Rockhampton Grammar School students’ collective NAPLAN results are the best in Central Queensland and well above reported state and national results, following an analysis of results published by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
The School had 403 students participate in NAPLAN, the largest cohort of any local school.
“We have students with variable education needs and abilities and these results demonstrate how much our students want to learn and do their best,” said Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds.
RGS, one of eight Grammar schools in Queensland, is non-selective, meaning there are no academic prerequisites to enrol.
“No other school can demonstrate the depth and breadth of opportunities available to students and the extent to which students want to succeed. Their attitude is to learn and to give things a go,” explained Dr Moulds.
NAPLAN is only a snapshot in time and does not reflect the whole School experience, according to Dr Moulds, but the results show the benefits of a Rockhampton Grammar School education, from Primary through to Secondary School.
“The co-educational Prep-to-Year-12 RGS experience, including boys and girls boarding from Year 7, is a rich and rewarding experience and unique in Central Queensland.”
“Grammarians, at every level of ability, have a strong sense of belonging and that’s very special to us. We believe in them and in their ability to be the best they can be.”


Rockhampton Grammar School students showed again in 2015 why the School is among Australia’s Top Country Schools and Queensland’s Top Schools with excellent overall NAPLAN outcomes.

In all categories and at all Year levels – Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy – RGS students scored higher than state and national averages.

About 97% of RGS students are rated at or above the National Minimum Standard, according to the NAPLAN Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 results.

“I’m very proud of our children and teachers. Their work, and that of parents, makes the School a rewarding place to learn and grow,” said Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds.

The Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) has released data for all schools, which can be found at https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/downloads/publications/qcaa_stats_naplan_15_outcomes.pdf 

National data is also available at http://reports.acara.edu.au/NAP/NaplanResults

Dr Moulds advised, however, that NAPLAN results are just one indicator of how well a school and its students are performing. 

“I am more concerned about the development of our children as well rounded, confident young adults who can think critically and want to do the best they can at every opportunity,” said Dr Moulds.