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Year 2 students plant the seed of discovery

5th Feb 2018

In Term 1 the RGS Year 2 students are exploring the topic of Change.

The students are working towards answering the generative topic of ‘Would dinosaurs recognise the world if they were alive today?’ by comparing continental changes from Pangea to modern continents, examining different environments and linking soil erosion to the shaping of landscapes. Students are observing the change to seeds as they grow throughout their lifecycle.

Working in Mr Moodie’s Garden and The Rockhampton Grammar School’s Port Curtis Farm, has given the students the knowledge about different types of soil to be able to hypothesise and predict which soils may improve the growing potential of their seeds.

Soilless seed growing experiments are being used to have students investigate the importance of different nutrients in the lifecycle of a plant.

The culminating activity will be an excursion to the Capricorn Caves to experience firsthand the changing environment and local dinosaur history.