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Life lessons for RGS Primary students

9th Feb 2018

Nine-year-olds and their cyber-safety were top priorities this week as Year 4 students at The Rockhampton Grammar School joined Life Education’s Healthy Harrold for lessons about the on-line world. The bCyberwise course grabbed the interest and attention of young internet users.

Elsie Macnaughtan – “It was great learning how to be safe on the internet.”

Madeleine Green – “It’s important for kids to know when they should talk to somebody about what’s going on online.”

Kurt Lynch – “Don’t put anything online that is unkind or mean.”

Patrick Robertson – “It was scary learning that some people could hack into your computer camera to watch you in your own home.”

Year 4 teacher Mrs Sonya Whitehead said the Life Education programme supports our School’s curriculum by reinforcing good values and good choices.

“It also educates children on the importance of their decisions in relation to their bodies and their friends,’’ Mrs Whitehead said.

“This includes being active and healthy, being a good friend and being safe online.”

“It also highlights the importance of looking out for each other and talking to parents or another adult if they ever feel unsure or unsafe; very pertinent lessons in this digital age.”

The Life Education mobile classroom hosted Rockhampton Grammar School students, from Prep to Year 6. Teachers and students explored a range of topics including hygiene and nutrition; friendships, the human body; the importance of being safe, respectful and considered online; the dangers of smoking; and discussions on legal and illegal drugs.

RGS Assistant Head of Primary Mrs Janet Spark said Life Education supported the School’s values of character and citizenship as well as providing information to help children with facts, opinions and decision making.