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Tasting home grown produce

9th Feb 2018

RGS Year 9 Agriculture students are studying the extra value raw produce can provide to different food items, using raw produce from the School’s Port Curtis Farm.

The students received a taste test this week of some potential items they later create.

Year 9 Agriculture teacher Miss Sammy Cobon said the students harvested the produce in an earlier lesson at the farm and she created some examples of the food they could create later in the term.

Miss Cobon made lime cordial from the limes that were harvested at the farm while students also tasted beef jerky, both BBQ garlic and honey soy flavoured.

While the students work with cattle on the farm Ms Cobon said the beef was purchased from a butcher.

Miss Cobon said students could create a variety of food options.

“We can do tomato relish or basil pesto,’’ Miss Cobon said.

“We’re using produce from our farm which includes limes, grapefruit, tomatoes, other vegetables like corn, and basil.

“The sky’s the limit.

“We want the students looking at raw product versus how can I improve its quality and improve its market ability.”