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Rockhampton Grammar’s results lead CQ

20th Feb 2018

Rockhampton Grammar School achieved 35 OP1-5 outcomes, leading Central Queensland in 2017 with the highest number of achievements in that bracket.

The result also places RGS ahead of 27 other schools in Queensland, counted among the top 50 achievers in in the Courier Mail this week, which reported fewer (less than 35) individual OP 1-5 results.

“We have the greatest number of students who are OP eligible in CQ and the greatest number of students achieving the best possible outcomes,’ said Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds.

State-wide Year 12 outcomes were released this week.

[Also read: More Rockhampton Grammar School students earned an OP1 than any other school in Central Queensland, achieving four OP1s in 2017.]

There were more OP eligible students at RGS in 2017 than any other CQ school, 126. RGS also had the highest percentage of OP eligible students, 76%.

 “We’re about individual students being the best they can be and that is different for every student,” said Dr Moulds.

69% RGS Year 12 achieved an OP 1-10; 92% RGS Year 12 students achieve an OP 1-15.

“This means that students are successful across the board,” added Dr Moulds.

RGS also excelled in other Year 12 outcomes, awarding 239 VET (Vocational Education and Training) certificates, leading all high schools in Central Queensland by a significant margin.

“Families choose RGS because academic standards are high and because children benefit from a well-rounded education and experiences they can’t get anywhere else, such as our strong personal development programme, focused on character development, and resources that no other local school can provide,” explained Dr Moulds.

RGS has a beach-front Outdoor Education campus, exclusive access to a working cattle property, a demonstration farm, and courses as diverse as ballet, in its Dance & Musical Theatre Academy, and welding, in its state-of-the-art engineering workshops.

RGS has been ranked by The Weekend Australian as among the Top 50 Country Schools in Australia.