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RGS Cross Country Schedule

28th Mar 2018


THURSDAY 29TH MARCH – 8:40AM START at Rugby Park (corner of Normanby and Blackall streets)


Students are expected to arrive at 8:15am for roll call with the first race to start at 8:45am.


Day students: to be dropped straight down to Rugby Park between 8am and 8:15am.

Students catching Rocky City Council buses: are to shuttle down to Rugby Park with boarding students from RGS.

Boarding students: Buses will shuttle boarding students from RGS to Rugby Park, from 7.30am

Return shuttles will operate from 11:45am


Students to be dressed in House Shirt and PE Shorts with RGS hat.

• A reminder to parents and students that the cross country is classified as a normal school day so all students must remain at Rugby Park until the end of the presentations.


If there is an emergency parents can contact Heads of Year otherwise students will be present for the presentations.


Race 1 (8 years, 1000m) - 8.45am

Race 2 (Open/16 Boys, 6000m) - 8.55am

Race 3 (7 Years, 600m) - 9am

Race 4 (6 Years, 400m) - 9.05am

Race 5 (Prep Girls, 250m) - 9.20am

Race 6 (Prep Boys, 250m) - 9.25am

Race 7 (13/14/15 Girls, 4000m) - 9.30am

Race 8 (11/12 Boys and Girls, 3000m) - 9.35am

Race 9 (16/Open Girls, 4000m) - 10am

Race 10 (9/10 Boys and Girls - Primary - 2000m) - 10.05am

Race 11 (13/14/15 Boys, 4000m) - 10.30am

Presentation - 11.20am

Students Dismissed - 11.45am