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Old ways still count

2nd Jul 2018

“Old school” still has many benefits in the classroom and Rockhampton Grammar School students are counting on skilled RGS staff to show them ancient ways of learning new concepts today.

RGS Primary staff were looking to order replacement abacuses when they  were informed the counting frames  were no longer available.
Industrial Design and Technology teacher aide Nathan Anderson calculated, however, that he could build the wooden devices.
From an initial prototype Mr Anderson has produced 24 RGS-branded abacuses to help students with their Maths. 
Mr Anderson felt privileged to be part of a community that encouraged the use of his workshop skills to craft items that will aid in students’ learning.

“Being able to build something which also brings joy to students is what really makes my day meaningful,” he said.
Head of Primary, Mr Geoff Hadwen, described the abacus as an essential learning tool for today’s classrooms.

“Unfortunately in this digital age this basic educational resource has been lost to many classrooms and is almost impossible to purchase. Having only one large abacus in the entire Primary School that travels from room to room as a teacher resource was very frustrating.” 

The abacus, a frame with rods on which balls or beads are moved, was used as a calculating tool in Europe and Asia centuries before written Arabic numerals were introduced.