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Year 2 students take studies outdoors

27th Feb 2019

Rockhampton Grammar School Year 2 students are taking their Science studies outside of the classroom.

In Term 1, the students are learning about the life cycle of plants, soil erosion and comparing different soils in our environment.

The students started their studies at School, by planting a seed in a plastic zip lock bag with potting mix and taped the bags to their classroom window to watch the seed swell and burst open, watching the roots, stem and leaves grow. They also conducted a Science experiment comparing sand and soil.

The Year 2 students next embarked on a whole-of-year excursion to the RGS Port Curtis Farm this week.

Under the expert guidance of RGS Head of Agriculture and Hospitality Mr Hardy Manser, the Year 2 students discovered more about the importance of valuing our farmers, where our food comes from and how much effort is involved to produce quality products.

The students were also lucky to have some RGS Year 9 Agricultural students show them the animals - show cattle, sheep, chickens and roosters.

At the Farm, the Year 2's also participated in a water experiment, looking at different types of water, how we test and what the results mean. There were also valuable lessons in understanding how precious water is, its different purposes and how it is not safe to drink different types of water.

Soil erosion was also discussed, demonstrating that the roots of plants and grasses hold the soil together to prevent loss of soil consolidated their learning.

Students also observed corn growing in the paddock - some being watered and some only receiving rain, showed the students that healthy plants need air, sunlight and water to grow.

Mr Manser also showed the students a native bee hive and explained the important role bees play in nature and they visited the farm shed which is home to aquaculture ponds with fish and red claw stock.