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Green finger Garden Gnomes!

16th Apr 2019

The RGS Primary School Garden Gnomes are flourishing in a little patch of paradise.

Garden Gnomes is a group that meets in the Primary School garden and enjoys their time in the outdoors, digging for vegetables, picking fruit and feeding, and playing with, the chickens.

This year they have formalised the group with a student executive, along with some helpful tips from Mrs Irwin and Ms Horwell, setting goals for their special school garden.

The Garden Gnomes executive includes: Hannah Joseph (President), Kathleen Nguyen (Vice President), Anya Broadbent (Secretary) and George Tucker (Treasurer).

Students meet regularly to discuss their goals while at the same time learning about meeting procedures, responsibility and democracy in a decision making process.

The group hopes to create a more interactive space this year where the visiting students know exactly what jobs need to be done in the garden and understand why they are doing the different jobs.

Anya, Year 5, has been visiting the garden for the past three years and enjoys digging up the sweet potatoes, picking passion fruit and collecting the chickens’ eggs.

“I also enjoy playing with the chickens,’’ Anya said.

George also enjoys digging around in the garden, and “helping make the chooks grow better”.

“We also make money by selling what’s in the garden like sweet potatoes, passionfruit and eggs,’’ George said.

“The money we get is put back into the garden to help us do more things there.”

In Term 2 the Garden Gnomes are looking forward to planting seedlings.

Happy gardening!

Pictured: George Tucker and Anya Broadbent.