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Holiday cooking ideas

27th Jun 2019

Cooking and sewing are skills for life and over the school holidays why don't you try some of the recipes prepared by RGS Prep to Year 9 students during Term 2. 

RGS students, across both Primary and Secondary schools, learn through involvement, active participation and motivational education.

Our younger students in Prep and Year 1 embrace core, but simple, dishes and are closely watched by the support from parents, extended family and friends.

Year 2 and 3 students add a touch of design to their recipes and are also growing food in the School vegetable garden and embracing food from the School Farm.

Students look at the “traffic light” system of eating:

  • Green – what is good for every day
  • Orange – sometimes food
  • Red – food we should not eat

Cooking is fun and hands-on as students learn through critical and creative thinking.

Year 7’s receive both a taste of cooking and master the main points of the sewing machine.

In Year 8, students work through “Food Technology” as they cook, create and understand the design process.

Creativity and healthy eating are core ingredients in Year 9

Here’s a snapshot of a week in cooking at RGS. You might like to try these recipes at home.

(click on the recipes below and enjoy cooking)