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Meet our Secondary School Leaders for 2020

24th Feb 2020

The Rockhampton Grammar School welcomes our School Captains and Vice Captains for 2020.

School Captains Natalie Marks and Nicholas Storey, along with Vice Captains Lillie Bain and Keyan (Sansuka) De Silva, were officially inducted into their positions at the School’s Foundation Day and Induction of School Officers Ceremony today (Tuesday, 25 February).

The School also officially welcomed all our Senior office bearers for 2020.

Here is a snapshot of our School Captains and Vice Captains for 2020, providing an insight to the people they are beyond their leadership badges:

Natalie Marks (Captain):

Natalie started as a boarder at RGS in Year 7. Home away from school is “Winvic”, a property in the Clermont district which is predominantly cattle based with a small portion of cropping. Natalie’s older sister Olivia graduated from RGS in 2017 and younger sister Amelia is in Year 10. Natalie’s dad Darren is also an RGS past student.

Outside of school Natalie enjoys playing touch football and always looks forward to returning home to spend more time with her family and animals.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the other captains,’’ Natalie said.

“We have a really supportive cohort and I know we’ll work collectively and collaboratively together through Year 12 successfully. It’s also an opportunity to guide the younger year levels below us.”

Nicholas Storey (Captain):

Nicholas is from a grain property in the Capella district and started as a boarder at RGS in Year 7. The youngest of three children, Nicholas’ older sisters Madeleine (RGS 2012) and Imogen (RGS 2015) also attended RGS and are now busy in their respective jobs as a doctor and exercise physiologist.

Since arriving at RGS Nicholas has embraced sporting opportunities including cricket, rugby, water polo, and particularly rowing.

“This (rowing) has helped me to develop many lifelong skills, such as self-discipline and team work,’’ Nicholas said.

“Rowing has been something that has become a large part of my life since I arrived at RGS and would not have been possible if I was not at a school like this.”

Nicholas’ interests outside of school include spending time at home on his family’s property.

“There’s nothing better than spending a day working at home, whether it’s sitting in a tractor all day or having to fix one.”

Nicholas also enjoys water skiing and he has enrolled as a volunteer fire fighter for his home district’s Rural Fire Brigade.

“This role (Captain) allows me to give back to a community which has already invested so much in me,’’ Nicholas said.

Lillie Bain (Vice Captain):

Lillie arrived at RGS in Year 6 and since that time has embraced all that RGS offers, whether that be in cultural, sporting or academic areas.

“I also respect that the school encourages students to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things,’’ Lillie said.

“I have always felt supported by the school in my desire to balance my academic and sporting endeavours.”

Lillie played in the First VII netball team for the past three years.

“I also play water polo and cricket, which I may not be the best at but I still have lots of fun,’’ Lillie said.

Lillie lives in Rockhampton and her younger brother Charlie is in Year 10. Lillie’s mum Natalie is a teacher at the RGS Kindergarten and her father Peter is a local plumber.

“I feel privileged to have this opportunity to represent my cohort and the school as a whole,’’ Natalie said.

“I look forward to engaging with all members of the school community in the year to come and hope to find my own way to contribute to the positive culture and values that the school promotes.”

Keyan (Sansuka) De Silva (Vice Captain):

Sansuka joined the RGS community in Year 7 and since that time has embraced the extensive range of co-curricular activities offered by the school.

“I have been involved in sporting and cultural activities such as public speaking, playing instruments (piano, viola and violin) for orchestras and bands, soccer and tennis,’’ Sansuka said.

Sansuka has also been a regular performer at the RGS Music Festival.

“The sense of happiness and joy I experienced after playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano signifies why I thoroughly love the event,’’ Sansuka said.

Sansuka was born in Singapore, to Sri Lankan parents, but has spent most of his life in Australia. His older brother Navindu graduated from RGS in 2018 and is now studying at Griffith University.

“I enjoy visiting our relatives in Sri Lanka and exploring the culture and traditions in my parents’ home country,’’ Sansuka said.

“I have loved being a part of Grammar and I believe that being vice-captain is a fitting way for me to replay what my education at the school has done for me.

“I hope to also be a great role model for all students of the school, whether it be my peers in the senior class of 2020, the prep students in the primary school, or new students to the school.”