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Differences Connect RGS

7th Dec 2020

COVID-19 disrupted Harmony Day earlier this year, but a group of RGS students and staff were still determined to show our School community that every individual can contribute to a better place.
Year 11 student Sithmi Konara said unity is the key to surviving this world full of chaos and uncertainty.
“A small seed of acceptance, when watered by love and compassion, grows into a thriving, united society where everyone feels comfortable to live freely,’’ Sithmi said.
Ben Scott (Year 12) also recognises the diversity at RGS as something that can be celebrated and acknowledged - whether that be cultures, abilities, religions or sexualities.
Sansuka De Silva (Year 12) said our differences are what makes us all so connected, especially after getting through a difficult year.
“We saw life pain and suffering, but equally from this darkness rose beautiful moments of genuine human connection,’’ Sansuka said.