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RGS students sort out recycling

11th Dec 2020

It's getting close to Christmas and that means your rubbish bins will be fast filling up!

Just remember to stop and think twice before loading up your recycling bin.

RGS Year 4 students created their own Recycling Programme in 2020, working with Rockhampton Regional Council staff over the past year with a focus on sustainability. The initiative linked with their unit called “How can humans reduce their environmental impact and become sustainable heroes?”.
The students identified different processed materials and how they can, or can’t, biodegrade and the effects they have on the environment.
Students also looked at how these materials are useful but then how we can better use these materials to ensure we are being sustainable. 
Through their links with Rockhampton Regional Council, the students looked at the three Rs - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
Changes were then made within the classroom - going from one general waste bin to:
1. General Waste Bin
2. Recycling Bin
3. Reuse Paper Cox
4. Soft Plastics
5. Food Scraps.
From one general waste area to five!
The students then used their recycling knowledge for their persuasive writing task. The theme was, “Persuade to Protect”, where students designed and created an advertisement to persuade their chosen audience to make one change to improve their recycling habits and be more environmentally friendly.

Here are some recycling tips from RGS Year 4 students:
1. Sticky Notes - tear off the sticky part and throw in the bin. The remaining paper goes in recycling.  
2. Magazines - tear off the front glossy cover and throw in the bin. Recycle the remaining paper.
3. Clean out recycling containers.  
4. Milk Lids/Plastic Lids - collect in a plastic bottle. Only lids the size of your fist can go in recycling on its own.  
5. Separate lids from the bottom of the container (glass jars). 
6. Squish the tin lids inside the cans (squish the top part of the can so it stays inside). 
7. Aerosol cans - completely empty before recycling. 
8. Scrunch test for soft plastics. 
9. E-waste free drop off at the Waste Management Facility. DO NOT put into the bins. 


Here is some more recycling advice from Rockhampton Regional Council - file:///C:/Users/mcdr1/Downloads/LittleBlackBook-NRW-2017-TMB.pdf

Pictured above: Rockhampton Regional Council Recycling Hero Programme officer Mrs Sharyn Lowth talks to RGS Year 4 students about recycling.