Enrol: 1300 GRAMMAR
All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600

RGS Parent Association

The Rockhampton Grammar School Parent Association is the School's parent body.

RGS Parent Association officers

President: Craig Denning, rgspapresident@rgs.qld.edu.au 
Vice President: Friederike McCartney
Secretary: Phillippa Flockhart, rgspasecretary@rgs.qld.edu.au
Treasurer: Jane Howland

Friday, 4 May - Mother's Day Luncheon
Sunday, 19 August - Kids and Dads Fun Day

2018 Meetings (meetings are held in the RGS Board Room unless advised otherwise):
Wednesday, 18 April, 5.30pm (Monthly Meeting)
Friday, 18 May, 9am (Monthly Meeting)
Friday, 15 June, 9am (Monthly Meeting)
Friday, 27 July, 9am (Monthly Meeting)
Friday, 17 August, 10am (Ritamada)
Friday, 21 September, 9am (Monthly Meeting)
Thursday, 18 October, 5.30pm (Monthly Meeting)
Friday, 16 November, 9am (Monthly Meeting)