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Pastoral Care

The aim of Rockhampton Grammar School’s Pastoral Care Programme is to provide an environment which promotes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of all students. The School is organised into manageable groups, each catering specifically to the needs of students at a particular age and stage of development.

Pastoral Care Programmes are implemented in a variety of ways across all three sub-schools. Although all members of the School community have an on-going pastoral care role, Heads of School are responsible for the welfare and care of students in their respective sub-schools.

Student Welfare Personnel

Heads of School are supported by the following staff members: Director of Co-Curriculum, Director of Ritamada, Assistant Heads of School (Years 7, 8, 10 and 11), Form Teachers, Subject Teachers, Sports House Patrons, School Marshal, Learning Enrichment Centre Staff, Health Centre Staff, School Psychologist, School Chaplain and Form Class Seniors.

Year 7-9 Personal Development Programmes

The Head of School, Director of Ritamada, Assistant Heads of School and Form/Class teachers work together to develop programmes appropriate to the students’ stage of development. Programmes are designed to develop knowledge of physical and mental health–promoting behaviours; self, interpersonal and intercultural understanding, community service and ethical behaviour. During tutorials and form periods topics, which include respect for others, resilience, self-motivation, goal-setting, career guidance, safe behaviours, peer pressure, study skills and sex and relationship education are designed to form well-rounded young men and women who are able to apply, with integrity, the knowledge and skills gained.

Key Focus Area: Co-Curricular

The School strives to assist students:

  • to foster an interest in, and enjoyment of, recreational pursuits and outdoor activities in a variety of challenging and interesting experiences in which self-reliance can be developed
  • by encouraging an appreciation of music, drama, literature and the visual arts and crafts
  • to encourage a concern for good health and fitness and the development of co-ordination and motor skills and an adherence to the principles of good sportsmanship
  • to develop an understanding of the importance of co-operative endeavour, fair play, team work and excellence in personal performance via participation in sporting and cultural pursuits

Key Focus Area: Character Development

The School strives to assist students:

  • develop self-respect, have a sense of personal worth and learn to know and to understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • to become responsible, flexible and constructive members of society
  • to become aware of the needs of others
  • to develop appropriate social relationships with people of all ages and gender
  • by fostering the development of character through all the activities of school life, with emphasis upon:
  • the acceptance of responsibility
  • unselfishness, tolerance, kindness
  • honesty, integrity and respect for truth
  • self-discipline, perseverance and the desire to excel
  • humility in success and dignity in failure
  • to exhibit the above traditional values underpinning the Christian ethos whilst also being aware and respectful of cultural and religious diversity

Key Focus Area: Community

The School strives to assist students:

  • by encouraging the commitment to a disciplined school community through the development of:
  • a sense of pride in the School
  • an appreciation of the history of the School
  • an appreciation of the integral contribution of our boarding community
  • social relationships based on courtesy, consideration and respect for all members of our community
  • by developing a knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the environment
  • by attempting to instill a commitment to assist others in the broader community through displays of service, empathy, tolerance, compassion and kindness

The Year 7-9 programmes are complemented by:

  • Annual Human Relationships Education Courses presented by Centrecare to students in years 8, 9 and 10
  • Bullying Awareness Programme presented by Brainstorm to year 7 and 8 students every second year
  • Motiovational Media presentations annually
  • Visiting motivational speakers such as Lorin Nicholson (Blind Guitarist) when available
  • Form class camps
  • The FRIENDS for Youth Programme