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Reach some of Central Queensland's most engaged, active, mobile and resourceful men, women, teens and children by partnering with The Rockhampton Grammar School. In addition, you can connect to many of the region's leading professionals, business owners and leaders.

Learn about RGS Character and Scholarship Partnerships or advertise with us in the School's premium magazines, Capricornus Quarterly and CQ Digital Parenting

More than a school newsletter, these high-quality glossy magazines – distributed via post to more than 3650 subscribers six times a year and available 24/7 on-line and smart devices – are filled with articles about current and past students’ achievements and engagement in the community as well as features about Parenting, Teaching & Learning, Tertiary Education and Employment opportunities.

Capricornus Quarterly and CQ Digital Parenting.are produced for and read by active and involved parents, students, past students prospective familes and other stakeholders who want to make the most of their investment in and opportunities presented by The Rockhampton Grammar School. 

Why not reach this extraordinary local audience – parents of children at every stage, from nappies to P-plates, who want the best outcomes for their children; and motivated, responsible students seeking to do their best in all they undertake from academics, to sport, to music and other pursuits.

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